Friday, April 16, 2010

Daisy on my balcony- transfered from my old blog:

Date of original entrance: Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Before move to this current house we stayed in a 15 floor apartment. I'm quite like it, the balcony is facing the hill and before the hill is a shooting range. Very green and eye soothing except it can be very noisy once a week when the army practiced at the shooting range.During rainy season, i can still see the mist covering the hill bringing the cool breeze to our bedroom.I kept quite a number of plant there, on the balcony. plants like mini roses (4 vareties) gerbera daisy (3 varieties), money plant, violet, japanese rose etc. I even grow a grape vine on the trailis that i hooked up to the wall.The balcony is quite big. It's actually 2 balconie linked by a planters box before we combined it into one big balcony.

I enjoy planting on the balcony. But when you gardened at a very high place from the ground few thing that you must consider are, the weight of the pots + the soil + water.So i never use terracota pot as it can be very heavy after you loaded it with soil and water.I have one terracota pots for my aquatic plants, and that's the only one.

Let me share with you a few tips of balcony or roof top gardening:


zafirah said...

i like daisy s0ooooo much!
where can i find u??

Nor said...

hi zafirah... thanks... glad you like it too..actually at we sell many kinds of plants.. gerbera daisy is one of its kind... do visit the website , if you cannot see it in the product catalog means that it's out of stock.. just browse back some other time...

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