Friday, April 9, 2010


common name:Dahlia
Botanical name:Dahlia spp.
Other name: Tenjikubotan(japanese),peony of india.
Origin: Mexico

Dahlia is a special flowers that has been cultivated since Aztec time (The Mayan tribe). It was not just cultivated only because of the beauty of the flower but more for food and ceremonies.

Nowadays there are approximately 36 species of hyrid dahlia grown as decoratie ve garden plant. Among them are dahlia Dahlia coccinea,Dahlia juarezii. The hybrids commonly found in planted are Dahlia 'Adelaide Fontane',Dahlia 'Appleblossom', Dahlia 'Arabian Night',Dahlia 'Art Deco',Dahlia 'Aurora's Kiss',Dahlia 'Dahlstar Sunset Pink',Dahlia 'Asahi Chohji' and many more.

Dahlia can be propagated from the bulb or the tubers.Normally after flowering the plant will die, leaving the tubers behind. The new plant can be derived from the tubers by digging it back, wash it properly , preferrably with fungicidal solution, dry it for a few days . Then , it is ready to be planted again.Somehow dahlia also can be propagated by late cutting.

The picture here i captured couple of years ago in Cameron Highland.
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