Friday, September 12, 2014

French Marigold

This is the latest flower i brought back home last week.The vibrant red color is so attractive. This is one of the marigold species known as french marigold.

Commmon Name:French Marigold
Botanical Name:Tagetes patula
Other Name:
origin: Americas

French marigold is an annual plants native to Americas. Like other annuals it will live until certain period of time. The flower color range from yellow to red.the flowers normally planted as nectar source for butterflies in the garden.

In some places like Caucasus and Republic of Georgia, the ground dried flower  petals are  used as spices . The popular spices known as imeruli shaphrani( Imeretian saffron) give the unique earthy flavor to Georgian cuisine, compatible to the flavor of cinnamon and cloves.

Apart from the culinary use,  the flower is also use for food  coloring. The medicinal use of the plans come from the essential oil extracted from the flowers.It is used to treat candidiasis (yeast infection) and fungal infection.

Propagation is from the seed. The seed will normally germinated within a few days after sowing . It should be transplanted whe it is approximately 2 inches in height. For more information on how to grow marigold click here


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